The Accountability of the Alternative Health Industry



In a letter to the Newsgroup Mr. C.D wrote...
I should add that my wife, a twenty-plus year insulin-dependent diabetic, has solved her own eye degeneration problems by moving from laser surgery to supplementing her diet with bilberry. Are there any studies to prove that bilberry works?
Who knows? Who cares? It works for her and it costs a few bucks a bottle.

drdoc replied....

EXACTLY - it MAY work for her.......BUT.......

If you advocate that diabetics take bilberry for their eye problems, then you do society and millions of diabetics an injustice.
It works for her OK - but what happens if everyone stops their laser treatment and hundreds go blind because the bilberry fad takes off -are you still going to say - its OK ??????.

There's a problem that the alternative fringe seem to be immune from accusations of negligence, if their therapies dont work.

These people should also be responsible for their advice to patients.
Sorry Mr. C.D - you see it does matter....

The lack of accountability of the alternative health industry is alarming.
The medical fraternity have to endure lawsuits after lawsuits if they make a mistake. The alternative industry just close their eyes and make BASELESS claims of benefit.

It DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE....... DELAYS in therapy for several serious diseases may mean disaster for many people.

So people out there - remember the alternative industry must PROVE themselves AS MUCH AS ANYONE ELSE. THEY MUST BE MADE ACCOUNTABLE.

Don't accept anecdotes - ITS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.....

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