healthy eatingDiet and Arthritis
by drdoc on-line



There are certain arthritic conditions which are definitely partially treatable with diet, these include gout and coeliac disease, which are distinct entities. In these -diet is a factor.

In the case of gout, the cell nucleus is metabolically broken down, on cell death, from purine content to uric acid. Ultimately this is excreted by the kidney. The dietary source of purines is only approximately 4-5%, and the bodies own metabolism results in the other 95%. Diet however becomes a factor in acute and subacute phases of gout. A properly treated patient with gout can liberalize the diet once controlled.

Therefore with gout -diet should be controlled rigidly, especially in those times where there is an attack or risk of attacks or where there are tophi. I only start to liberalize the diet, when patients are stable on the drugs that control hyperuricaemia.
I am strict regarding alcohol, red meats, gravies and meat extracts, rich seafoods such as shellfish and lobster.
I do allow unrestricted ordinary fish, chicken and limited restricted fruit and unrestricted vegetables.

Egg whites - unlimited
Egg yolks - 2 per wek
Alcohol is also to be avoided.

Diet and fad diets do NOT cure the other inflammatory arthritic conditions...such as rheumatoid arthritis and also there is no evidence that it cures osteoarthritis.

There are only one or two studies showing at most a marginal benefit -
just above placebo benefit but most studies show

My advice:

Moderation is the key.
Diet is only a marginal factor
Vegetarians are NOT immune from developing any type of arthritis...including Rheumatoid arthritis.
Excessive red meat I agree however should be discouraged.
However if you as an individual find a particular food irritant to your joints and arthritis-LEAVE that foodstuff OUT.
If you dont find a particular food bothers you - enjoy it.

But remember all people are different and what is good for you may not be good for others, and Vice Versa.

It is my personal clinical experience that if a food "annoys" a patients joints - the patient knows.
It is a consistent finding...every time they take that particular foodstuff....they feel it in the next 12-36 hrs.

There are no effective blood or food allergy tests to decide effectively what someone can or cannot eat.
The sensitivity of these tests are too high, and specificity too low, for clinical practice.

Diet for Obesity

Of course being overweight doesn't help the joints and in fact being overweight accelerates degenerative disease in joints plus increases the damage of inflammatory arthritis in weight-bearing joints.

Therefore i have designed the drdoc weight loss eating plan.

Essentially you have to give up Carbohydrate.

The object is to get the energy from your body stores- so the diet ive designed makes this tolerable without suffering.

Plus it is sustainable long term.

Plus you are allowed 1 cheat month - during which you can eat whatever you want.

Monitor weight versus goal weight
Chart what you ate to see if their is a pattern where / when weight doesnt drop.

Expect 4 kg down first 10 days then 100 - 200 gram drop per day therafter.

Remember your body sees drop in intake as a "emergency" and thinks its starving. Therefore your metabolism drops and you will feel exhausted. Respond by doing MORE exercise.
Each day if you gain some weight rather than lose - CHANGE SOMETHING.. ie more exercise for a day or 2 or even more dietary restriction.


The drdoc on line patented health and diet plan

  The patented diet and healthy eating plan of drdoc on-line      
  Principles of the diet and health plan Breakfast Plan
  No bread Rice Potatoes or Pasta.     All Bran or oat bran
  No substitutes for bread Rice Potatoes or Pasta.     Milk 2% or preferably skim
  Unlimited white meat or fish     Sweetener
  2 fruit maximal per day. No banana     Non fat , non sweet yoghurt
  Unlimited vegetables     Honey
  Unlimited salads      
  Whatever salad dressing you want including mayo - make that salad appetizing and scrumptiously enjoyable     Tea / Coffee / Rooibos - with Sweetener
  No sweets, chocolates or junk food      
  No potato chips / crisps     Tea Midday
  No sweetened fruit juices     Tea / Coffee
  No sugary drinks      
  Diet colas      
  Lots of water     Lunch
  Alcohol restrict to 2 spirit per week MAXIMUM     Salad - unlimited with dressing if desired
  Beer is ideally excluded     Tuna / Salmon / fish / white meat - small with salad
  2 egg with yolk a week
Unlimited egg white.
  Unlimited vegetable soups in winter     Yoghurt non sweetened
  Remember to exercise Water / Tea/ Coffee with sweetener
  The principle of exercise is to change the routine every 6 weeks      
  The body gets used to its constant exercise     Tea Afternoon
  If you run / walk - change your route every 6 weeks     Tea / Coffee
  If you cycle - change your route every 6 weeks     Fruit - 1
  If you play golf - walk - alternate a pull trolley with a push trolley every 6 weeks     Water
  Swimming is always good exercise for arthritis      
  Exercise minimal - 20 mins 5-7 times a week     Dinner / Supper
  Remember you are allowed a day off a week     Low salt Vegetable soup unlimited especially in winter
        Meat / Fish - as much as you want. Second helping allowed
  If you follow the plan - you will lose 3-6 kg per month     Vegetables / stir fry vegetables - large helping
        Salad - large helping plus any salad dressing
  baccus Bacchus
by Peter Paul Rubens
Hermitage Museum.
St Petersberg
    More salad or vegetables if desired
      Water / Diet fruit juice
      Night time snack
      Yogurt small non fat
      Water tea without sweetener. Avoid coffee
      Hunger / snacking
      Fish ie snoek / Mackerel / biltong
        Vegetable Soup in winter