The Consulting Room

Now is the chance to tell YOUR story.

This is the history of events leading to the presenting problem.

Your doc should want to know everything about your health, as many problems interact. Remember - you may not realise the relevance of many aspects of your story, which might seem quite innocent to you. This is why it is no good to ask doctors advice in the corridor or at parties. If you do not seek you will not find. This applies especially in all aspects of medicine.

The history.

Give your OWN story from scratch -

Not what doctors / people have interpreted it as being. If you are going to write things down - Write down your thoughts in point form - (don’t write a book) and expand on these as a prompt for yourself. Avoid the "Oh I forgot to tell you" syndrome - just as you’re about to leave the consulting room.

Make a priority list of your problems -

Try to ensure that your Doctor has understood all the problems as they affect you as a patient.

Don’t get too bogged down in fine detail - But give your doctor an idea of trends of change of your problem - especially:

  • Age / sex and general medical background.

  • Onset

  • Precipitating factors

  • Duration

  • Progression

Are the symptoms worse in the morning.

Is there morning stiffness.

How long does that stiffness last in the morning.

Is there active swelling visible now ? , or are the joints just "feeling" swollen.

What are the joints involved.

Are there any skin rashes especially psoriasis, or sun sensitivity.

Is there any history of mouth / genital ulcers.

Impact on daily life and function.

A list of medications

Make a FULL list of your medications - This is fundamental and VERY important. It should include all prescription medications as well as over - the - counter (OTC) medications

Bring your XRAYS, scans and discs as well as the reports

Bring ALL your X-rays, even if you think they would be irrelevant. Leave it to the doc to decide what he wants to see.

Ask questions

Ask Questions - Don’t be scared to ask questions - there is NO such thing as a stupid question...                 

Get more information

Ask your doc if he has literature to review on the problem -It is always good to educate yourself regarding the problem

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