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Please note we have long waiting lists but do have facility for patients to be placed on a cancellation list.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee early placements



Contact numbers


Office +27-21-7976699
Practice cell number +27-0782710800


Internet contact numbers:



If unavailable after hours for any reason, we suggest that you contact your family practitioner or hospital emergency unit if you do not have a private family doctor. The Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic has a 24 hour unit attached to it.


Whilst we are running a medical practice, like any business we still have to pay for equipment, consumables, supplies, staff and rent, therefore we have PRIVATE tariffs.


We are contracted out of the medical aid rates.

We charge private tarrifs comensurate with the seniority and experience of Dr Gotlieb

Our Consultation fees MUST be settled IN FULL after the consultation


  • A new consult in the rooms as of january 2024 will be R2800 rands

  • A follow up consult will be time dependent.

  • This can vary from R2200-R2800

  • Details of amounts should be learned from staff in advance.

  • After 1 year charges are as per new consult.

  • Faiure to arrive at consultations without cacellation for good reason are chargeable in full.

  • Whilst we try to sms or contact patients to remind them about bookings, it is the responsibility of the patient to arrive for booked consultations. This is because patients may be uncontactable for multiple or unspecified reasons.

  • Telephonic and email advice are chargeable at the discretion of Dr Gotlieb

  • Scripts given telephonically are chargeable

  • Reports for medical aids are chargeable

  • Reports for insurance companies are chargeable.

  • Disability reports for insurance companies are chargeable and are the responsibility of the patient unless the tariffs are pre agreed with the insurance company and paid in advance.

  • No insurance or disability forms requiring examinations, will be done at time of routine consultations and must be booked seperately.

  • Any additional investigations or tests or procedures or injections done in my rooms will be charged in addition to the consultation charge.

  • We do not deal with the medical aids and it is your responsibility to send the account to them and receive monies owed by them to you.

  • A discount is not available except at the discretion of the doctor, and medical aid rates, will only rarely be given, again at the discretion of the doctor. 

  • It is my practice not to do any unnecessary investigations, tests or procedures.

  • New consultations are approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour duration.

  • Follow-ups are between 15 to 45 minutes (depending on the problem).

  • Any hospital consultations must be settled prior to discharge.

  • We do not post accounts.

  • Payment is required in full, immediately after the consultation

  • WE do not get involved in family disputes around payments.

  • It is the responsibility of the patient to settle the account and address refund issues with second parties at their own time and risk.

  • We adhere to the fundamental rights of patients to privacy and sharing of data as per the POPIA act of South Africa.

  • Patients require to sign POPIA act documents to enable us to share critical data with essential medical personel or referring doctors.


Please note payment is via Cash or credit card

EFT payments are discouraged and are allowed only at the doctors discretion



(Please note these tariffs quoted are subject to change without notice)


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