The waiting room   


Remember to arrive with plenty of time in advance.

Make sure you do not come late.
Sometimes the doctor is running late. Most of the time, this is because extra-time was given to the previous patient.
Do not get angry or concerned, as one day it might be your turn to have that extra-time, and others will have to wait for you.

Ideally, all facilities will be available on-site within the clinic.
This includes the laboratory, and the radiological facilities.

Get to know the staff.

Staff members will include secretarial and paramedical and medical staff.
Do not be scared to ask questions of the staff, but remember that the staff have to get through their working day as well.

First thing to remember is to prepare for your consultation.

You only have a short time to prepare for the appointment, so you do not want to waste your allocated time.
Go through and review your questions and your concerns, which you have preferably written down prior to arrival

Bring a urine sample with you, if you do not want to do it at the clinic.
It is a lot more comfortable doing this in ones own house.
Seal the bottle.
Doctors like testing the urine as it gives a good reflection on the state of the kidneys.

If forms have to be filled out - remember to bring them to your consultation.

This avoids unnecessary wasted time and reduces costs for the patient.   

When this is done - settle down - have a cup of tea or coffee - if available - pending your turn.

Try to relax !

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